Born in Madrid, Dani Bravo is a telecommunications engineer with a degree in Audiovisual Communications. At 8 years old, he was accepted in the Conservatory of Music in Majadahonda, (Madrid). There he composed his first pieces for audiovisual projects.

    He is certified Specialist Music and Post Production for Film and TV,  Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA

    He is currently living in Madrid and working as a sound designer and composer for advertisements, films, documentary, short-films, etc. He combines his work with teaching at the School of Image and Sound CES.

    Dani is always looking for the next exciting project that will inspire him and others. With works ranging from feature films, documentaries, advertisement, web projects and more, he is well versed in the process of visual and musical and sound design storytelling.

    Mixing and sound design is an essential part of any media production. He can help to increase the level of your products with originals sounds, music, backgrounds, Fx and mixing it into two (stereo) up to six channels (surround).

    He can do for you:

    • Music composed for media and film
    • Mixing Stereo and surround (5 .1)
    • Location sound recording
    • Sound Editing
    • ADR
    • Sound design and FX
    • Re-Recording mix